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Asphalt Repair

If Asphalt is repaired correctly as soon as problems arise; the extent of the repair and total cost can be minimized.  Early detection, determining the root cause and taking action dramatically lengthens the life cycle of asphalt pavement.           

Thermal Bond Asphalt Repair

Thermal bond asphalt repairing is a process that recycles asphalt in place; returning pavement to its original condition before damage occurred.  The end result is a seamless repair with a homogenous bond between new and existing asphalt.

The Following steps describe the thermal bond repair process.       

1) Mark out area to be repaired.

2) Remove all loose debris with a gas powered blower and a stiff broom.   

3) Position the specialized heating equipment over damaged asphalt.  Within 5-10 minutes the asphalt’s temperature reaches 325 degrees which is same temperature at which it was originally installed.

4) At 325 degrees the asphalt has the same characteristics as fresh hot mix.  With an asphalt rake the pavement is scarified to a depth of 2” minimum.

5) The scarified asphalt is sprayed with Cyclogen® to restore            

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