Project  Management 

When Franklin Pavement Management, LLC is involved from a project’s inception, our clients receive the most benefits from our project management service.  We look at current and future needs compared to current and future budgets, and then formulate a plan of action according to what works best for our client’s overall needs.  We look at more than just the costs of construction; we look at the cost of maintenance, current and future uses, safety, traffic flow, and the ability to adapt to future infrastructure needs.  This fee-based service is determined from the beginning, ensuring that we are responsible exclusively to the owner and in all aspects act in the owner's best interests.


Pavement Management is the systematic process of maintaining and upgrading pavement in a cost-effective manner to achieve the greatest possible return on investment.  We begin the process by collecting data on pavement location, area measurements, current use, construction materials, surface condition, and any evident failures.  After evaluating the owner’s need and available funding, we create a pavement management plan that will typically span over 30 years.  Pavement management is a fee-based service that we provide for any scope of work -- large or small. The same scrupulous detail is given to every job.